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Hello Guys, In this post We will Provide you Price of the Modi Years book for free. the book tells about successful years during Prime Minister Narendra Modi. How fast Indian businesses and economy have grown at that time. the book is written by Aakar Patel.

Price of the Modi Years by Aakar Patel PDF Summary

Aakar Patel, a columnist, novelist, and political pundit has long been a careful watcher of the political scene. He attempts to explain the data and facts about India’s success under Narendra Modi in Price of the Modi Years.

Manmohan Singh, Modi’s predecessor as Prime Minister, once warned that Modi would be a disaster as Prime Minister. This book demonstrates how. It acknowledges Modi’s popularity; this is an accounting of the harm he has caused. It is India’s history since 2014, measuring the damage to the economy, national security, federalism, international relations, law and the judiciary, as well as the media and civil society.

A must-read for all who are interested in contemporary Indian history, and how bigotry and hatred are turning this country upside down. Unless documented, consolidated, and set together as a record, our memories are short, news cycles are fleeting, and experiences are forgotten or misclassified as just episodic. As a result, this book is a history of the present.

Indians, use this treasure trove of a book to convince your friends, colleagues and relatives to open their eyes and see what this country is going through, how India is performing in every department from basic human rights, law and order and media to jobs and economy.

This is a must-read for every Indian, especially those who voted for the most dangerous political party since the German NSDAP, buying into images of prosperity, all the bridges and skyscrapers of Chinese cities, and believing that ‘development’ didn’t mean oppression of minorities and robbing the poor to feed the filthy rich.

Aakar Patel: Price of the Modi Years PDF Details

Name of the BookPrice of the Modi Years
AuthorAakar Patel
Publisher Westland Non-fiction 
Publication Date14 November 2021
Language English
Number of Pages496

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AAKAR PATEL is a syndicated columnist who has worked as an editor for both English and Gujarati newspapers. Why I Write, his translation of Saadat Hasan Manto’s Urdu non-fiction was released by Tranquebar in 2014. Our Hindu Rashtra: What It Is. How We Got Here, his study of majoritarianism in India was published by Westland in 2020. He serves as the Chair of Amnesty International India.

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