Italian scooter manufacturer Lambretta is getting ready to return to India in a new form.

New Delhi: In collaboration with Bird Mobility, the Italian scooter manufacturer Lambretta, which was once the go-to option for families and businessmen, is getting ready to return to India in a bigger and cleaner form.

To recap, the heavy-duty scooter was a common sight in old Hollywood and Bollywood films. Along with Bajaj and Vespa Bajaj, it has also established a strong foothold in the nation.

Walter Scheffrahn, owner of Innocenti SA, which owns the Lambretta brand internationally, stated in an exclusive interview with ET that the business will invest more than $200 million in India over the next five years with the Bird Group to corner the market.

Innocenti SA will introduce a wide variety of powerful scooters, including G, V, and X models with capacities ranging from 200 cc to 350 cc, as well as an electric scooter in 2024.

“The brand has its heart in India, where the people genuinely connect with it. The magic of the past must be brought back. With our premium range, we want to turn India into the Ferrari of scooters, Scheffrahn told the business daily.

More crucially, the company intends to produce locally and concentrate on exports to other countries, notably Italy, its home market.

In this regard, it’s vital to note that the scooters will be high-end and that its most affordable product will likely cost about 20% more than the most costly scooters. Lambretta will control 51% of the joint venture company, and Bird Group will hold the remaining 49%.

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